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Bridal Appointments

off the rack- 45 minutes

This appointment is for the budget conscious bride. These dresses are all under $1,000. These dresses are samples that have been slightly damaged, discontinued or no longer available to order.

Bridal appointment- 1 hour

Welcome to our personalized 1 hour bridal appointment! This is your moment to shine and we are thrilled to be a part of your journey towards finding the perfect wedding dress.

During your appointment, you will be guided by one of our experienced bridal consultants who will help you navigate through our carefully curated collection of wedding gowns. From romantic lace to sophisticated silk, we have something for every bride's taste and style. 

Our boutique provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Re-try appointment- 30 minutes

You have completed the first task. You know have 2 or 3 favorites. You are ready to book your second appointment to retry on your favorites before saying “Yes to the dress”.

VIP appointment- 2 hours $150

As a VIP guest, you will have access to our entire collection of designer wedding dresses from top designers. We will help you find a dress that not only fits your style but your budget also. Our prices range from $1,500-$3,500, allowing you to find a gorgeous dream dress.

Our VIP appointment offers an intimate space, where you can enjoy the day with 6 others while sipping on champagne and trying on beautiful dresses

The royal VIP Treatment- 3 hours $350

This all-inclusive package is designed to make your wedding day truly special. Crystal from @artistry_haus will transform you with 1 of her 4 bridal updo trails. In addition you will have a bridal makeup trial as well from our amazing Savannah from Candid Beauty. Finally, if you say "Yes to the dress" you can celebrate in style with an Instagram-worthy moment captured with a confetti bomb to pop, showing you in a flurry of confetti!

pick-up appointment- 30 minutes

During your appointment, you will try on your wedding dress to ensure that it fits perfectly. Our experienced bridal consultant will be on hand to give you recommendations for tailors as there may be necessary adjustments or alterations to the dress so that it fits you like a glove. We will work efficiently to ensure that your dress is ready for you to take home and make any last-minute arrangements, so that you can focus on enjoying your special day.

Thank you for choosing Novia Mia!

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